Barnard 68

Within our galaxy at a distance of about 500 light-years from the Earth lies a Part of the Sky Completely Devoured of any light and stars. It was considered as a hole in the sky . Its so close that not a single star can be seen between it and the Sun. Later it was discovered that there is the presence of a Molecular Cloud which is so dark that it even blocks all the light that comes from the stars behind this cloud. Its Named as Barnard 68 after the discoverer Edward Emerson Barnard.

(Courtesy : NASA)

Despite being opaque at visible-light wavelengths, Infrared Has detected About 1000 milky way stars behind it. Because of its opacity, its interior is extremely cold, about 16 K (−257 °C). Its mass is about twice that of the Sun and it measures about half a light-year across.

BY: Roshan Kumar

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