What is H-1B Visa ??


The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows a qualified alien worker with a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to temporarily (up to 6 years) be employed in the US by a sponsoring employer. A qualified alien worker can bring his dependants (spouse and children) to the US. Examples of workers  successfully represented in H-1B applications include computer programmers, scientists, researchers, engineers, architects, lawyers, physical therapists, economists, financial analysts and fashion designers.


Every year there is an annual Quota (limit) of ‘new’ H1B visas that can be issued; which is also known as the H1B Cap and decided by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services(USIC). The cap has been the same since 2004, with 65,000 slots for foreign hires and 20,000 spaces reserved for graduates of U.S. universities. The speed at which the cap is reached is a loose indicator of the economy’s state. In 2007,slots filled up on May 26 (July 26 for university grads). In 2008, the cap was reached in a single day: April 2. In 2009, applications were sluggish and took eight months to reach the cap. In 2011, the slots were filled in seven months. The number of H-1B slots depends on Congress’s mood toward foreign workers. Lawmakers frequently propose legislation to change the system for foreign hires with special skills.

Even people have a strong reservation for this VISA system mention H1B visa as the “America’s Secret Weapon” , because H1B visa attracts people all over the country to work in the USA. Here is a mention that if those immigrants especially from India and China leaves their country, their whole infrastructure will collapse. Comments are by Dr. Michio Kaku, a famous Physicist from USA.


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