Summary of The State of the World’s Cities Report – 2012/2013

Development actors need to explore a more inclusive notion of prosperity and development, finds The State of the World’s Cities 2012/2013: Titled as “Prosperity of Cities“. The State of World cities report is Published by  the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat). The report, in documenting and analysing key demographic, economic, housing, environmental, governance and migration conditions in cities .

According to the report, there is a need for a shift in attention around the world in favour of a more robust notion of development – one that looks beyond the narrow domain of economic growth that has dominated ill-balanced policy agendas over the last decades, and includes other vital dimensions such as quality of life, adequate infrastructures, equity and environmental sustainability.

To track the prosperity of cities UN-Habitat has launched the City Prosperity Index (CPI), which measures five dimensions of prosperity:

  •  Productivity
  •  Infrastructure
  •  Quality of life
  •  Equity and environmental sustainability

All above dimensions are then Used together with a new conceptual matrix titled the Wheel of Prosperity, the index aims to help decision makers identify opportunities for prosperity and design clear policy interventions.

India’s Performance:

Mumbai is Ranked as  52 and New Delhi  ranked as 58, this poor ranking is because of poor performance in Infrastructure,environment conditions and poor employment opportunities. India is in Group four while countries of Europe and America are in Group one. The report indicates Hyderabad as the pharmaceutical capital of India and praised Bangalore for IT revolution. Vienna, capital of Austria tops the list of 95 countries followed by New York, London etc.


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