Telemedicine in India

The true purpose of Science is to create more safe and happy world around us so that mankind can get benefits from scientific and  technological advancements. One of the major example we can see is in  this field of Telemedicine, where a number of telemedicine  centres are established by Indian Space Research Organization. The term telemedicine refers to the use of information technology to exchange medical data to deliver consultations, procedures and techniques in the field of Health care.

We know Providing healthcare to India’s over one billion population of which about 75 percent live in villages, is a formidable task. About 75 percent of the doctors practice in urban areas and 23 percent in semi-urban areas. This leaves just 2 percent of the qualified doctors, who are attached to about 23,000 primary health and 3000 community health centres, to attend to 70 percent of the population living in villages.

Working of Telemedicine Network

Telemedicine Programme is an innovative process of synergising benefits of Satellite communication technology and information technology with Biomedical Engineering and Medical Sciences to deliver the health care services to the remote, distant and under served regions of the country. The telemedicine facility connects the remote District Hospitals/Health Centres with Super Specialty Hospitals in cities, through the INSAT Satellites for providing expert consultation to the needy and underserved population.

The initiative was started in year 2001. Minister of State in the PMO, V Narayanasamy, in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha said that at present, the tele-medicine network of ISRO covers 382 hospitals with 60 specialty hospitals connecting to 306 rural hospitals and 16 mobile units.

The work is good and ISRO is doing great job but the question is whether it is enough to solve our problem. I think we need more Telemedicine centres and need to cover more areas under the ambit of this technology.


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