Global Terrorism Index and India


With a new report a new blow is here as India is on rank 4th in The  Global Terrorism Index . A first report of its kind which is comparing 158 countries between 2002 and 2011 according to the impact of terrorism. The report is produced by Institute for Economics and Peace which is a Sydney-based Institute. The data is actually based on the Global Terrorism Database (GTD) from the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) at the University of Maryland.

Global Terrorism Index uses four basic indicators:

  • The number of terrorist incidents
  • Number of deaths
  • Number of casualties
  • Level of property damage

By using above indicators a score is given to each country, that indicates the impact of a terrorist attack on a society in terms of the fear and subsequent security response.(For full method see Page 9 of report)

Among some of the interesting findings, one is only 31 of the countries surveyed experience no terrorist attacks, violence was highly concentrated with just ten countries accounting for 87 percent of attacks. Those 10 countries are:


According to report status of India

  • The number of terrorist incidents – 529
  • Number of deaths – 402
  • Number of casualties – 667
  • Level of property damage – 184

No doubt this report is of great concern for strategic policy makers and society, when we are included in the list with countries like Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Full Report :



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