Quality at a Halt in Indian Metro’s

Mercer conducts a survey ‘ Quality of Living index’ annually basically to help multinational companies and other organisations compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. Mercer is an American global human resource and related financial services consulting firm, headquartered in New York City. This year Quality of Living index list covers 221 cities, ranked against New York as the base city. Vienna stood at the top spot as the city with the world’s best quality of living, according to Survey. Zurich and Auckland follow in second and third place, respectively.

The parameters of the survey include public services, medical care, recreation facilities and natural environment.

India’s Status

Indian cities haven’t made much progress on Mercer’s quality of living scale, ranking nearly the same as they did last year. Bangalore’s overall quality of living rank went up from 141 in 2011 to 139 in 2012 and is highest amongst other Indian cities. While New Delhi ranks (143), Mumbai (146), Chennai (150), and Kolkata (151) in overall Quality of living. Whereas Mumbai ranks highest on city infrastructure category (134) amongst Indian cities followed by Kolkata (141), New Delhi (153), Chennai (168), and Bangalore (170).


At least in terms of personal safety, Indian cities fared slightly better, with Chennai ranked at 108, almost 50 places above its position in the quality of living list. Personal safety in survey is measured through certain parameters such as stability in governance, effectiveness of law enforcement and crime rates. Bangalore at 117 and Kolkata and New Delhi, tied in 127th place, also rank better in this list. However, Mumbai was way down at 142 which is matter of concern for the Metro. According to the survey, Indian cities are safer than most others in South Asia. Pakistan’s Islamabad and Lahore are joint 209th and Karachi is 216th. Iraq’s capital Baghdad is the lowest-ranked in terms of personal safety.

As it is clear from the Data, our cities are quite in a stagnant stage in context of quality of life. While per capita income is somewhat increasing but we are still lagging in providing quality according to international standards. According to survey Bangalore’s rise in its quality of living ranking can be attributed to positive ratings for international schools which are suitable for expatriates.

But in another  study Bangalore is rated among the top polluted megacities of world, from the data collected by NASA’s high-tech satellites. Tel-Aviv university was tracking data of 189 megacities of world by the help of high-tech aerosol monitoring satellite.

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