The Nuclear Bomb Dilemma: Iran’s Perspective


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Iran is being into long debate and under skepticism of deploying nuclear weapon from very long time. Countries like US and Israel constantly debating and putting pressure on Iran to come up openly for its nuclear weapon program. Iran’s nuclear aspiration is seen by many Middle East countries like Egypt and UAE as matter of instability in region. Beside Iran denies the fact that they have aspiration for nuclear weapon, United States and Israel continues to pressurize Iran.

In 15th Asian Security Conference hosted by Institute of Defence Studies and Analyses, scholars and academicians from various countries gather to discuss security concern in West Asia. In one of the nuclear session the debate heated up where Israel argues that Iran nuclear weapon aspiration is offshore. Iran is technically sound country and it is awaiting to outbreak its silence on this issue. He also argues that Iran doesn’t want one but multiple nuclear weapon before it outbreak its silence as one nuclear weapon might not help. Iran is ready for economic burnout but may not lose its focus from nuclear program. However, there are no facts that might support his argument. Iran is heading civil nuclear program under the supervision of IAEA from almost a decade now. Since then 7500 hours and 100 surprise visit inspection have carried out where US is constantly failed to hold any thread which might lead to military aspiration utilization of Iran’s nuclear program.


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There is an old saying “Never pick up what you didn’t put down– Virgin Islander” which US might have to re-revise to understand its position in world. Question is how much US have to be trusted, considering its boondoggle history. US intervention and presence in every region may leads to aurorean of its future aspiration. While US and Israeli malice its gesture, Iran in United Nation openly articulates for retaliation if provoked. A very well known Professor Dr. Mohammad Hassan Khani who also represents Iran in various news channels such as BBC and CNN as well as various think tanks bashes the arguments and concern made by other Middle East countries. In his presentation as well as in close interaction with him, he argues that Iran do not posse nuclear weapon. Iran has sufficient technology and some of the most advance missiles technology in the world to create enough deterrence. He also argues that nuclear weapons have not and might not win war in future as Cold War is one example. Iran is not in favor of nuclear bomb as it might wager its interest in international community. He also state that “Israel and US project their mindset and try to mislead world community”.

Iran also possesses some of the best defence avionics and electronic system in world. Iranian capability of asymmetric warfare is unquestionable for future. Iranian had repeatedly acted as rational actor and has clean record of invasion so far. West embellishment is very well known by the world, as roads paved by them usually leads toward atrocities and annihilation.

Where is India’s role??

India cannot underlay the fact that majority of our energy need comes from Iran and other gulf countries. Iran is the second largest supplier of crude oil to India, supplying more than 425,000 barrels of oil per day, and consequently India is one of the largest foreign investors in Iran’s oil and gas industry. In 2011, the $12 billion annual oil trade between India and Iran was halted due to extensive economic sanctions against Iran which was later sorted. Secondly India has strong historical relation with Iran and large majority of Persians from India are living in there from very long period. Hence, any instability in Iran or gulf countries could leads towards economic as well as demographic tribulations for India. India is playing a very strong role in development of Iran and it never seen as intruders to local population vis-à-vis western countries. Question is then why India is silent over chaos in Middle East, especially on Iran? Well according to National Security Advisor Shiv Shankar Menon in one of his remark during conference stated that “India does not believe in interventions” and it’s the local population who can decide their own future. India’s silence is very strategic move as it remains strong on its non-alignment movement and do not align to any superpower. NSA also states that “we believe peace in Iran and will continue to corporate with any power which might be working for its development”. India is and will be playing strong, willful and Elysian role in security of the region and prosper growth of country.

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Author is an Aerospace Engineer and currently working with Institute of Defense Studies and Analyses.