Loss of Reality: Problems with current governments


Author: Apoorv Agarwal


The governments of different countries in different parts of the world have lost their touch with reality. The leaders live in times past. Watching some of the videos on YouTube about the Tiananmen Square protests in Beijing in 1989 made me realise the meaning of Freedom, human life and power of the people. A government is there to protect the people of the country and not kill them.

Tiananmen squareThe truth of today’s world is that people have become too fond of money and power; they will do anything to hold onto it. Not directing it any government or country but the people need to be respected; for love and service is the way to govern not fear and intimidation. The governments today need to learn that.

They would have no body to govern if the people are all dead, and as mentioned earlier the governments are ready to go to any length to maintain their grip on power.

I have realised that democracy may not be perfect but at least it gives the people the power to express themselves without any fear. Sadly, even at home, this seems to be taken away from us by our government. You cannot express yourself without the fear of arrests. Two girls were arrested in Maharashtra because one of them put up a Facebook status stating that Bal Thackrey funeral doesn’t mean that the city should be closed, the other for liking the status. Is this what people of India fought for? Students arrested in West Bengal for asking their leader “Didi” questions and what do they get in return, they are branded as Maoists and taken away by the police. A question needs to be asked here, who are the Police serving, the people or the politicians?

Ramdev, while conducting his version of the campaign against corruption in the country with supporters, many of them children and women, was targeted by police at night while they all were sleeping. What freedom, what democracy favours this?

The need to maintain law and order is paramount in today’s world but boundaries have to be set. There are governments in the Arab World fighting with their people, targeting them with tanks, fighter jets, helicopter gunships and infantry. Can’t the people see what is happening with them? Are power and money more important than people to politicians and governments?

This is not a new situation. It is said that history exists so that people learn lessons from it but right now, I don’t see that happening. Take the case of North Korea where people are starving because, firstly, there is not enough food and secondly, whatever food is received through aid and domestic production, it goes to serve feasts for the people at the top, and whatever is left, is given to the army.

I once read a book by George Orwell, a children’s book with a great message. The message is that everybody is equal, but some people are more equal than others. So, I do all the hard work and you enjoy the benefits. Tagore said that India is moving away from its idea of Samaj that used to care for the community when the government didn’t. Post-independence, this has been truer than ever before. With the liberalisation of the economy in 1991, the government has slowly removed subsidiaries on various daily items that it used to offer. The upliftment of the poor has not yet happened, but according to government, the people are rich enough to cater to their own needs. This where the concept of Capitalism fails. The government should invest a good amount of what it earns for care of the poor and the society in general but instead we will first buy equipment for our armed forces to deal with threats that don’t even exist. How can people’s leaders be so indifferent to the population?

Back to the topic of Tiananmen Square, reading what happened and watching some of the videos made me angry and sad at the same time. Complete public involvement is the best way forward. Yes, there is no magic wand that will rid us of all that is wrong with the world today but we have to begin somewhere. Having the longest constitution simply doesn’t help, we need to enforce it properly for the country to progress. We have seen enough corrupt politicians and political dynasties. It’s time to move away. The youth needs to engage more in politics so that we can weed out corruption and bring glory to not just the country but the world because ultimately, we are all humans and not just Indians or Asians.

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