1. Kartik


    I just wanted to request you that please explain why this rangarakan new gas formula is cheating at the cost of taxpayers money ?? When even henry hub price is $3.77/ mmbtu den why is he recommending $ 8.4 mmbtu fot india ?? Plz explain sir

    • shankar dev

      according to his formula price would be derived from the
      volume-weighted net-back price to producers at the exporting country well-head for Indian imports + volume-weighted price of US’s Henry Hub, UK’s NBP and Japan

      Though the average of the two currently comes around $6, the price of gas in April next year when these guidelines will come into effect would be around $8 and over $10 in the following year. Because India’s exporter Rasgas soon gonna link its gas price with crude oil – which results in price hike. end of the day- weighted average will also increase.

      His formula is mainly aimed @ providing competitive prices and to reduce the subsidy burden of the govt.(its uncertain to reach the latter aim because govt has to provide subsidies to fertilizers). his formula will be used for next five yrs, if any ambiguity occurs in middle it may be dropped for another effective one.

  2. shankar

    @Praveen //So Government can’t stop Ganga from flooding, but it can effectively prevent people getting washed away by the flood by putting effective mechanisms in place.//

    I dont blame government for not “thwarting” the flood, but for not taking the least measures with which it could have mitigated the impact of the disaster (despite so many warnings). for a country like India, dreaming to enter MARS club, it must not be that difficult to forecast a cloudburst and taking the least preventive measures. moreover American figures shouldn’t be a base for Indian complacency.
    // In this case every govt. fail to do so// ..actually in this case govt did not fail..because it didn’t even attempt the crisis. when people were dying PMO and other offices were busy tweeting their achievements in rescue.Vijay baguna was at delhi to meet Sonia inorder to prove his innocence , while AK Antony was overlooking the rescue.

    //We live in world where you cannot let your areas deprived from basic infrastructure. Areas like these have to be contributing towards progress and be part of India’s GDP//.. yes its a legitimate say….But still we need food air and water to survive!!!

  3. //It must not be that difficult to forecast a cloudburst and taking the least preventive measures// Practically that is impossible to forecast for the reason that at height like Badrinath it is expected that to an extreme it will be a snowfall not gush of water. 200 years of temple standing it was the first time it got unusual rain. Secondly people were themself saying they get warning from officials every year whenever there is the rise in Ganga flow, but I agree not very effectively.
    //American figures shouldn’t be a base for Indian complacency// Its not the base, but a comparative analyses that the developed countries like US are also on mercy on nature when it comes to natural disasters.
    //.because it didn’t even attempt the crisis. when people were dying PMO and other offices were busy tweeting their achievements in rescue…………// See we cannot form opinion on working strategies of PMO office as those people are IAS and other highly ranked and responsible individuals. Its just not the disaster that they have to manage, but most they can do is to formulate strategies. Formulation of clear cut strategy is on the same scale of difficulty level as a physical presence on field. And remember Army is also working section of govt.
    Secondly everybody did that, you might also be posting griefs and likes pages of Indian army rescue operations, but that the least you can do.
    //yes its a legitimate say….But still we need food air and water to survive!!!// I guess you confusing sustainable growth with total exploitation.

    My last question to you would be…what is your analyses and what do you think could have been done or could be next “Grand Strategy” of Indian government. What do you think could be policy changes realistically. Don’t say provide them land for the house, give govt. naukari etc. those are technically not possible. I would be waiting for your next article.

  4. shankar dev

    In 2004 tsunami ravaged Indian coasts it was a wholly new experience for the locals and govt. here we cant blame govt for being lathargic, If I right, during the period 2008-2010 another 7 point something undersea earthquake occured @ sumatra- followed by a tsunami warning, I still remember that with in minutes of the warning, chennai was getting prepared to face it in wartime mode. In the same spirit, uttrakhand which faced flood in four of last 7 yrs was least prepared even for a flood of much lesser magnitude.

    I am not confusing sustainable growth with exploitation. The visuals streaming out of Kedarnath vindicates the wisdom of earlier generations. The ‘sthapathis’ of the Kedarnath temple ensured the temple and its placement was in harmony with its environ. The collapse of the new structures around it reflects the illiteracy of greed. Early pilgrims respected ecology and traversed much of the Char Dhaam by foot. Today’s yatra-neophytes believe in penance powered by four-wheel drive. This seven-seater MUV influx worsened the poor infrastructure. Here you must inspire the wisdom of sabarimala temple administration, who try their best possible to sync the temple with its nature.

    “Grand statargy” (sarcastic..haha), I dnt have the neccesary insight to give such a panacea otherwise this is not UPSC board to give such impractical stupid suggestions. but I can give a “common sense mooted statergy” the religious sites must be synced with nature (as they were) + stop mining + no more dams+ install better weather forcasting+ disaster planning+ finally stop “Gujarat”isizing uttrakhand. Uttrakhand is not meant for tat. If the state needs electricity instal a powerplant in nearby state dedicate it to uttrakhand. the scientists in MOEF are not fools to include the streach as eco-sensitive.

    thank you

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