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Pravega 2013–2014 is the first edition of IISc’s Science, Tech and Cultural festival being held from 31st January–2nd February, 2014. Spanning across three days, Pravega promises to be an eclectic blend of cutting edge Science, awe-inspiring technology and breathtaking cultural performances.

Pravega is the Sanskrit word for acceleration — the derivative of velocity. It reflects the nature and potential of the fest to rapidly grow and become one of the best and most well-known science festivals in India.


Pravega will be a fest combining the best of science, technology, and culture. In its conception, it is the first and the largest of its kind, and is designed to attract those students who are the brightest, most creative, and most passionate about knowledge of any form. It will grow into a platform for the methodical science and experience of IISc to mingle with the exuberant and keen nature of the youth of India, each gaining from their interaction with the other.

The most anticipated aspects of Pravega is the scientifically and culturally eclectic atmosphere it will foster, by attracting passionate and intellectual students of all disciplines. It will be a forum where participants will continuously encounter, exchange, and imbibe new ideas and personalities and as a result will stretch and broaden their minds to new horizons. And where better than the Indian Institute of Science for such a platform?

One of the motives behind Pravega is to create a buzz about Science in the general public and in children. So yes, the public is welcome to visit Pravega and enjoy the exhibitions, science demonstrations, talks, etc. However, the competitions and workshops are exclusively for students.

IISC main building

Main building of Indian Institute of Science. Pic                        courtesy: Abhinav Jain

The Indian Institute of Science is India’s premier research institution. Founded in 1909 by J.N. Tata, it is home to over forty departments, 3,500 students and 500 faculty members, all devoted to cutting edge research in science and technology. IISc regularly features as India’s top institute in both global and national rankings. The institute which is producing 18 percent of the total research publications in Science & Engineering in India.

IISC Natural Beauty

IISc campus is full of natural beauty. Pic courtesy:                              Abhinav Jain

The students of IISc are some of the best minds India has to offer. Admission to any of the Institute’s many programmes is extremely competitive, with only the top 0.1% of the nation’s talent realizing their aspirations. IISc’s campus is a sprawling 443 acres right in the centre of Bangalore. The campus is a deeply scenic and calm environment, filled with greenery and a huge variety of flora.

In 2011, IISc pioneered the creation of the first 4 year Undergraduate Bachelor of Science programme in India. Now in its second year, it enjoys 200 young, dynamic minds who are the cream of India’s student community. Not afraid to chase their passions, these students turned down much coveted offers from the IITs and NITs in favour of growing under the wing of India’s best scientists.

The Undergraduates have already made their mark on India’s national college scene. They have won many national competitions, represented India in international science camps, and have even published research papers in reputed international journals. Now they take on organizing the first truly inter-college science festival in India.

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