Two more attempts to UPSC aspirants


A moment of rejoice for lakhs of Civil Services aspirants, as the Central Government has approved two additional attempts to all categories of candidates with effect from Civil Services Examination 2014. Following this decision, the Civil Services aspirants will soon get two additional attempts at cracking the UPSC examination with consequential age relaxation of maximum age for all categories of candidates.

As per the existing rules, a general category candidate is permitted a maximum of four attempts. The maximum age limit for such candidates is 30. There is no restriction on the number of attempts by candidates belonging to the Scheduled Castes (SCs) and the Scheduled Tribes (STs). As for aspirants belonging to Other Backward Classes (OBCs), seven attempts are permissible, according to a notification issued for Civil Services Examinations, 2013.

The aspirants had demanded an increase in the age limit and additional attempts so that those disadvantaged by the changes could catch up.

The exact age relaxation, however, has not been clarified, which has some students worried. But, according to a senior official of Personnel Ministry, Government’s order will especially benefit those aspirants who have exhausted their four attempts and running 30 years of age. Such aspirants will get two more attempts till 32 years of age. The rules will soon be notified by the government for further clarity on age relaxations. Further he said, the age relaxation of up to 32 years will not be given to those candidates who have exhausted six attempts before 30 years of age.

The last time, in the 1970s when the changes were incorporated, there was an increase in the number of attempts as well as an increase in the age limit.


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