India’s Ballistic Missile Defence System


India successfully test-fired new interceptor missile capable of neutralising any incoming long-range missile at higher altitude. The interceptor, positioned at launch pad-IV of Integrated Test Range at Wheeler Island, about 100 km from Balasore in Odisha.

It was announced recently, in India, that the cities of Mumbai & New Delhi, too would soon be brought under a protective Ballistic Missile Defence [BMD] umbrella. India’s indigenous BMD shield is pivoted around two interceptor missiles – the Prithvi Air Defence [P.A.D] missile for Exoatmospheric interception & the Advanced Air Defence [A.A.D] missile for Endoatmospheric interception of incoming missiles. In due course of time, more cities of India would be progressively brought under such a protective umbrella, with further improvements being made in the system itself, also.


                                             Working of India’s Anti Ballistic Missile System


NATO has initiated its plans to bring all member countries under a Ballistic Missile Defence shield. Titled, ‘European Phased Adaptive Approach [E.P.A.A.]’, the plan envisages bringing Europe under a protective cover in stages, extending beyond 2020. Interdiction would be performed by the American RIM-161 Standard Missile 3 [SM-3] system, with tracking & guidance provided by multiple satellites & earth-based radars. While presently located on-board ship-based systems, plans are afoot to deploy onshore versions of this hit-to-kill, non-explosive Kinetic Energy based missile.

To understand the complete mechanism this illustration, below, depicts deployment plans & functioning of the shield against the threat of an incoming missile.

NATO shield in europe

                                                                   (source Chicago Tribune)


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