1. Rajendran

    Parveen, I ended up here by accident and having a say only as an observer. I could understand why M5 was not convinced with your answer. I’m afraid that way your answer for the gender issue, not convincing enough to picture yourself that you got a natural mind for gender equality – instead it depicts that you just want to answer the question for the sake. There is always if’s and buts, anyway success in interviews are all ‘relative’. Good luck.

  2. Please share the notes you prepared for handball related question. from which sources can i learn more about handball. I was goal keeper of my universities handball team.
    all the best for the result.

  3. Rishikesh

    As you told yourself that it is a personality test, from that perspective you did well. You stood your ground and remained confident and cheerful, hope u score well. wish u luck.

  4. Anonymous

    Hi Praveen! It was a good read. Just a thought u greeted males first. Didn’t the lady feel offended???

  5. Anonymous

    I’m still looking for the answer of question ‘We are spending crores on space mission and here people are so poor. How do you see it.’
    Thnx for sharing.. Quite benificial..

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