Things to do for CAT 100 Percentile


 The Common Admission Test (CAT) is an MBA entrance test for various management courses in the IIMs and other management schools across the country. The CAT is conducted by the IIMs on a rotational basis. IIM Lucknow is conducting the CAT exam 2017and the registration for the same has already started.

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As a prerequisite for admissions in various prestigious management schools, the CAT exam is taken by numerous MBA aspirants, which make the exam as one of the most competitive exams in the nation.

The candidates aiming for IIM admissions must note that the cut-offs for all the IIMs are from 99 to 100 percentile. The candidates are required to score above the respective cut-offs to join their preferred institutes. So, here are some things to do for CAT 100 percentile that will ensure a seat in any of the prestigious B-Schools in the country.

  • Gather Study Materials Wisely

Gathering proper study materials is very crucial before starting with the CAT preparation. It is suggested to avoid gathering more books and materials than required to avert getting confused and wasting time. Instead, stick to a particular preferred study book and understand every relevant concept properly along with regular practice.

Get well acquainted with the CAT syllabus and pattern before preparing a timetable for preparation. It is suggested to cover every topic of the individual sections properly to stand ahead in the competition. Also, mixing the subjects while preparing, can help to keep the interest and motivation high.

  • Take Regular CAT Mock Tests

CAT Mock tests help to analyse the preparation level by highlighting the weaker and stronger areas. So, take regular mocks to analyse self-preparation and practice accordingly to cover the weaker areas while strengthening the stronger topics.

The Mock Tests can be either sectional Mocks or overall Mocks. Take overall mock tests periodically and take sectional mocks regularly after completing the individual topics. In this way, proper preparation is ensured for every related topics and sections of the exam. Also, solve CAT previous year papers to know the type and difficulty of the questions asked in the exam.

  • Ensure Systematic Practice

As the topics in CAT exam are diverse, regular practice is very crucial to be able to retain them longer. A wide variety of questions from every section must be regularly practiced to make sure every question in the exam can be easily attempted.

It is suggested that the Reading Comprehension and LIDR questions must be practiced every day along with numerical questions. Also, strengthen the basic grammar and try learning at least 5 words daily to attempt questions from verbal section easily.

  • Avoid Guessing

Guessing the answers can sometimes prove to be the only reason of a decreased CAT score. So, the candidates are always suggested to be accurate while attempting the questions and avoid guessing to prevent 1/3rd negative marking. Also, the TITA questions must never be left unattended as they have no negative marking.

  • Implement Personalised Exam Strategies

Having personal strategies to attempt the questions in the CAT exam is one of the most important tips for the exam. It is suggested to implement proper time management strategies in the exam to be able to attempt a number of questions accurately.

It is suggested to attempt easy questions first to avoid losing time and motivation. Also, the RC passages must not be left for the end and should be solved periodically i.e. take an RC passage and answer the related questions and move on to the other questions before attempting the second RC passage. This way, several questions can be solved simultaneously without losing interest and time.

With these tips and honest preparation, the CAT aspirants can easily increase their chances of scoring 100 percentile and get admission to their preferred B-School. As the CAT 2017 registration has already started, the candidates are required to fill up the form properly and start preparing for the exam early. 

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