How Byju’s App is Changing the Traditional Learning Methodologies


In the age of technological advancement, the need to integrate technology in education has been a crucial discussion. The need to remove the traditional constraints and making the students learn in an engaging, interactive and visualised environment is very crucial.

To oblige to the technological demand in a globalised education system, Byju’s- The learning App was launched in the year 2015. The methodologies used in the app attracted huge students’ population and the app was downloaded by over a quarter of a million times within its first few months of launch.

With the introduction of Byju’s app, the traditional learning constraints are overcome and the learning process has become more effective. This Byju’s App review explains all the uniques features of the app and helps to understand how Byju’s app is changing the traditional learning methodologies.

  • Personalised the Learning Experience

Byju’s app has incorporated the adaptive learning technique which helps the students learn at their own pace and convenience. The content of the app is presented according to the need and approach of the students. Now, students with different capabilities can learn easily with their own personal learning styles.

  • Implemented Visualisations and 3D Animations

As the teachers in the classroom are mostly limited to writing boards, students often find it difficult to visualise some important concepts and end up ignoring them. Byju’s app has eradicated this constraint by implementing 3D animated videos, making the students visualise what they are learning in an interactive way.

  • Includes Several Test Series and Analysis Report

To help the students analyse their own preparation, Byju’s app has included several test series with adaptive technology. The students are provided with a detailed analysis of their performance after each test. The analysis helps the students to understand their own mistakes and know their strong and weak topics.

  • Provide Personal Mentors for Clearing Doubts

The students are provided with personal mentors to clear all their respective doubts and maintain their learning flow. The mentors attend to the individual doubts at the earliest to avoid hampering their learning. The mentors also provide additional assistance and notes to improve their learning experience.

With these unique features, Byju’s app is attracting huge attention in the edtech sector and the student population from all across the globe. With Byju’s app, learning difficult topics like vectors, electrostatics, kinematics, etc. has become extremely easy and interesting.

To know more about the app and how it revolutionises the traditional learning systems, watch the video and subscribe to the Byju’s YouTube channel.

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