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Hello everyone.

I started this blog in 2012. Many articles and posts are also written by Guests here. And many articles or posts are taken from different sources as reference for helping the civil service and other competitive examination aspirants at the time of my preperation.

Now I manage this blog alone and only post articles which are exclusively written by me.

I am Parveen Kaswan. I am Aerospace Engineering Graduate. Then I joined Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore after clearing GATE. Appeared in CSE 2014 interview. Cleared Indian Forest Service exam in 2015. Again cleared Civil Service Exam in 2016.


I maintain this blog single handedly after 2015. Try to post my views and opinions on Environment, Forests, Climate Change and related sectors. I also share my opinions written in national dailies here and also my interviews on different topics.

The posts which I shared earlier as part of General Studies are not meant to infringe copyright of anybody and are not commercially exploited. If you still feel I need to remove any post, feel free to tell me.


Parveen Kaswan 

My twitter profile : Twitter 

My gmail; ParveenKaswan@gmail.com


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  1. you all r doing very great job,as it is very helpful for the people involve in d prepration of competitive exams,topics covered here r very simply described which r easily understable.

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  15. I bookmarked this site 🙂 And I am checking this on daily basis.

    Hats off to the organizer and the team 🙂

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