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We are a group of people involved in diverse fields and areas. Here, we try to make current issues simpler to understand. It is a team effort of concerned individuals to create a space for critical engagement on a wide range of issues of the contemporary world.The views expressed by us on this platform are our own and are not necessarily shared by the organizations we are associated with. This site is also designed and maintained keeping in mind the people who are preparing for various Competitive Exams and the idea is to combine/compile/reproduce useful information(only useful) for General Studies at one place taking references from various type of sources.


We are not a political party and our views are not associated or biased towards or against any political party or religion, we are a responsible group.

Write us on  editor@Simplydecoded.com We look forward eagerly to your visits and your comments, including political/intellectual criticism. Please give feedback, these comments will help us to improve this site and put in other useful things.

- Parveen Kaswan 


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  1. you all r doing very great job,as it is very helpful for the people involve in d prepration of competitive exams,topics covered here r very simply described which r easily understable.

  2. U people are really doing gr8 job… thnx

  3. real social service like never before thru sharing of knowledge in an unprecedented ,easy and simplest form.Kudos to u ! very informative and useful and easy to comprehend even toughest topics

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    I am following u regularly.. and it is really wonderful to know such complex things in a simpler way

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    you guys are doing an appreciable work…
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  14. no words can suffice the expression of gratitude one can convey here. In the multitude of oceanic amounts of material available it is almost a blessing to find something which is so simply decoded.

  15. I bookmarked this site :) And I am checking this on daily basis.

    Hats off to the organizer and the team :)

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